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Outstanding experience in radioactive waste disposal

MCM Environmental Services Ltd, a UK based company, brings together a team of Consultants, Partners and Associates with unique international strategic, scientific and technical experience in radioactive waste management.


MCM formally announces organisational changes that will consolidate and strengthen the leadership position it has attained in the field of radioactive waste management. Further details are on the News Page.

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The founding partners, Dr Charles McCombie, Professor Neil Chapman and Dr Ian McKinley, have been involved in the planning, implementation and regulation of radioactive waste programmes worldwide.  They will now provide support and advice to the new management team, working in the capacity of Associates.

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The MCM team has experience from projects all over the globe, supporting a range of governments, NGOs, regulators and implementers.

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MCM can provide advice, technical support and, via teaming agreements with partner organisations, turnkey project implementation.

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“Our particular strength is in the integration of complex scientific, technical, economic and societal information”

MCM offers consultancy and advisory services aimed principally at decision-makers, programme planners and technical managers who wish to access decades of global experience to ensure that cost-effective projects are at the leading edge of the international state-of-the-art.

We cover all aspects of managing the wastes from the back-end of the nuclear fuel cycle, as well as radioactive materials from medicine, industry and research.

Our particular strength is in the integration of complex scientific, technical, economic and societal information to identify, quantify and justify practical and strategic waste management options.

We also have key specialist skills across the areas of geosciences, chemistry and natural hazards, with considerable global experience in the geological disposal of radioactive wastes and in the evaluation of radioactive contamination

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Unlike most international consultancies, the MCM team has a very extensive list of external publications built up over the last 4 decades. This highlights our commitment to peer review, ensuring that we are producing work of the highest quality, and illustrates our wide range of expertise in radioactive waste management and associated technical areas.

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The MCM team regularly attend conferences around the world to present our work to a wider audience and keep up to date with the international state-of-the-art in relevant areas.

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